Itp targets mature platelets as they circulate through the spleen, the ‘newborn’ platelets inside bone marrow are healthy and normal. In many cases of acute itp, the platelet count will rise again within a few weeks and return to normal within a few months. Diagnosis of itp very often, itp has no symptoms and may be discovered during blood tests for an unrelated medical matter. Itp is a diagnosis of exclusion, where further tests are required to exclude other causes of a low platelet count. Itp is diagnosed by taking a medical history and physical examination, coupled with some laboratory investigations including: blood tests – such as a full blood examination (fbe) to check for platelet numbers, to see if there are abnormalities in other blood cell counts, or to see if the blood cells look normal under the microscope. Other tests – to exclude other conditions that may cause a low platelet count, such as acute leukaemia and aplastic anaemia. Bone marrow biopsy – a small sample of bone marrow is taken through a needle and then checked in a laboratory. In itp, the platelets produced in the bone marrow should be normal. viagra online viagra online cheap viagra online cheap viagra online buy viagra buy cheap viagra generic viagra generic viagra sold in united states This test is rarely needed to diagnose itp, and only used when strictly necessary (such as when there is some uncertainty of the diagnosis). Treatment for itp treatment includes time and close observation. In some cases, itp resolves by itself. In severe cases, the symptoms of the disorder (such as the tendency to spontaneously bleed) must be managed. First-line treatments include: corticosteroids – drugs to reduce the activity of the immune system. Corticosteroids may be administered as intravenous injections or tablets. Intravenous immunoglobulin (ivg) – the antibodies are ‘caught’ by the ivg and removed from the bloodstream. Second-line treatments include: splenectomy – is surgical removal of the spleen. This procedure cures itp in about 70 per cent of chronic cases. Thrombopoietin analogues – is trea. generic viagra germany